#Rule 2

See rule 1

This is not a Junk trip!

  • Offshore Game Fishing is an inherently dangerous sport, a rolling boat, sharp knives, hooks and gaffs.
  • care must be taken at all times.
  • Read the terms and conditions and sign the indemnity form.
  • Being inebriated could result in injury or falling overboard.
  • We no longer will take children under 15.
  • Should the Captain deem that too much alcohol is being consumed the trip will be cancelled and boat returned to port.
  • Likewise with any illegal substances.

What kind of fishing?

We primarily troll – tow fishing lures behind the boat, fish will take the lure and hook up.  Where we can we will do some spinning or fly fishing,  all rods are on the boat

Can we keep the fish?

We encourage Tag and Release, but reasonable size fish can be kept  for those onboard, the rest are released    

ALL Billfish are released 

Can we take our fish home?

Yes, angler keeps their fish to take home and we will prepare them as you need them.

What types of fish are targeted?

All the Pelagius fish are pass by Hong Kong. There are six types of Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi (Dorado), Barracuda, Amberjack, Yellowtail, Rainbow Runner, Sailfish and Blue, Black and Stripe Marlin

What are the chances of catching a fish?

As with all fishing there is no guarantee but the chances are high as the South China Sea is one of the most productive in the world.

When is the season?

The season will start March/April when the winter winds die down and will go through to September/October when the winds return.

How far do we go?

20-40 nautical miles off shore

Where do we depart from?


Is tuition given?

Yes, no previous experience is required

What do I need to bring?

Hat, Sunscreen, Sun glasses (polaroid is best) something to eat and drink (water and limited soft drinks are onboard. Bluetooth speakers if you want some music.

Can we bring alcohol?

Yes , responsible drinking is advised, bring water to stay hydrated

(See the note at the top)

Can we bring glass bottles or cups?

Please do not bring glass. Plastic cups and wine glasses are provided.

Are there plates and cutlery on the boat?

Yes, cutlery and plates are onboard

Is there ice on the boat?

Yes there are 2 ice boxed with blocks of ice.  One for the fish one for drinks and one for food

Can we heat food?

Yes, there is a microwave and a cooker

Is there a toilet?

Yes there are 2, If you have not eaten or drunk it      DONT put it down it

What times do we go and return?

We leave from Aberdeen at 0730am  and return  4.30pm

Do I need to bring fishing rods etc?

No all gear is provided, but if you have some you are welcome to bring it.

How many people can we take on a charter?

A max of 10 for off shore fishing as the life raft only carries 12 (2 crew)

In shore beach trips 13 people

Is there safety equipment?

Yes there are life jackets, life raft, EPIRB, Flares, Fire extinguishes, Radios, Satellite phone, First Aid kit and an AED

How do I make a booking?

Booking can be made by one of the following:

Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Tidio

What does it cost?

A day private Charter is $24000/day

Individual price is $2200/angler

 Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes a 20% non refundable deposit is require to secure a charter or an Individual place

Given the high demand you are strongly advised to make the deposit as soon as possible to secure the date. Failure to do so  may mean you loose the slot.

Is the deposit refundable?

In the event of cancelation due to weather or mechanical problems we will try to reschedule or a full refund will be paid

Where are the terms and conditions?

On the web Site at http://www.hongkongfishings.com/images/TC-Terms.pdf Please read before coming onboard

How many people are onboard?

For a private Charter up to a max of 10 + 2 crew

Numbers on Individual?Group days are limited to 6-8 anglers+ 2 Crew  In order to give individual anglers a chance to fish we will limit a single group to 4 any above that will require a private charter

How do we share the rods on an individual day?

The best way is that anglers take turns on the rods by alphabet order, draw cards, age or whatever you choose 

What is a membership?

A membership allows and angler to fish regularly at a much reduced rate, 

Joining fee is $3000/ season and a days fishing on selected Members days is $1500/day

or making up the numbers on an Individual day, other wise the normal rate applies

Do you go to the Rigs?

Yes, can be arranged, either a late night departure returning the following evening or

leave in the morning returning the following evening.

Can we go to the beach?

Yes  Kidusi available to charter to the beaches, max 13.  It takes only 90 minutes out to Tai Long Wan on the Eastern side of Hong Kong. There are two Kayaks onboard and a number of other beach toys are onboard. You can either swim the short distance to the beach or a dingy can be provided. Start time as you require and return to Aberdeen around 5pm.  

Cost is $12000/day

Makes for a great day out.

What does Kidusi  mean?

It is Swahili for “Smells of Fish”

We hope you enjoy your day out, please feel free to contact us should you have any further queries.

Tight Lines  

Q: Anything else I should know?

A: Do NOT bring bananas!