Fishing Charters take place from approximately 7:30 am to 5:00 pm .
Boarding KIDUSI from the Aberdeen Boat Club, Shum Wan Rd. Aberdeen.
We are equipped with all fishing gear ,rods/reels ,lures ,gaffs etc., but if you wish to bring along your favourite rod/reel, then please do.
Bottled water is always on board.
You will need to bring any food and other drinks you require for the day
A hat and sun screen are always advised.
Private Charters are made and booked by private groups, that can be single day trips or overnight trips.
Individual Charters are for individuals. The charter date is made available for several individuals to join together, for a single day trip. Individuals will pay separately.
Member Charters are for those that have an active and current season Tail Chasers membership. The day trip charter costs are greatly discounted, and are organized the same as "Individual" Charters.



The Individual Deep Sea Fishing Charters are for single individuals that may have 1 or 2 mates that want to go out fishing. Tail Chasers staff will work with other individuals to combine several anglers to total 8 seperate into a group, to enjoy a single charter so the costs are equally divided by 8, and each angler pays their part.

Contact Us to learn More... Call 9122-0695



The Private Charter is for a group of 10 anglers that will be exclusively made up the friends, family, or colleagues in a single group with no other outsiders with them. The Private Charter can be for a single day trip, over night, or several days. The Private Charter can be for groups that wish to do other water sports.

Call 9122-0695



The Tail Chasers Memberships are for anglers that enjoy fishing several times each season. A membership entitles the card holder the ability to join scheduled "Members Only" charters. The dates are shown on the calendar. When there are scheduled "Individual" charters planned, and still have available space. The Members are able to join that charter trip.