September 2022

What a season. Government restrictions at the start of the season, followed by a two-week trip, becoming six. However, we have managed to get out in the last week of August and the first half of September.
There has been a lot of Mahi Mahi, Kawa Kawa and Bluefin. The Tuna gave us great sushi.
Memorable moments have been the Marlin in May, which was on a 30(15kg) lbs line and gave a tremendous fight for over two hours before the frayed line snapped.
In early September, there was a strike on a 50lbs (25kg) rod, which bent hard over, and the reel screamed. The splashing was typical big fish head shaking, and at first thought, a Marlin was on. However, a huge Mahi Mahi cleared the water and threw the hook. Certainly one of the biggest we have seen in the South China Sea.
The public holiday, 12th September, saw hot, calm seas, with regular strikes of Tuna.

11 am, a Marlin was spotted close to the lure on the port outrigger. Jigging the line, the Marlin struck and was on. It turned and proceeded to attack the centre rigger. Now the Martin was hooked on two 50lbs lines. The second line dropped as the fish came close to the boat. After a thirty-minute fight, we released the Marlin. Estimated weight 400 lbs
Later we took a Mahi Mahi from around a floating bag, and after circling back, a dorsal fin of a sailfish was having a go at the starboard inner rigger. No hook-up. Elated after a great day, we headed home.
The forecast for the coming weekend is hot, dry, and with light wind conditions, perfect for days on the water. Both Friday and Saturday, there were, as expected, making a challenge to bring the fish up. We had a mix of Tuna and Mahi, with Saturday the first of the wahoo for the season. With the blue water close by, expectations are high. Sunday had gusty wind from the west with choppy seas. Lots of Tuna around, cloudy conditions bringing them to the surface. We had three good Mahi and 21 Tuna, with a number released.
The current forecast shows a strengthening East wind, which makes next weekend unlikely.

2023 season.
We are taking provisional bookings for all dates from April to mid-September 2023.
From 1st January 2023, deposits will become due within 48 hours of the agreed date.
Failure to make the deposit will release the date to the next on the provisional booking list.

We will publish Member days before the new year. If there are insufficient Members able to make that date, we will make it available to non-members as a Group day. Members can join a Group day to make up numbers at Members’ rates .


At this point, we are planning to hold out rates at the 2022 level. Should there be a further increase in the fuel price, we may have to review the situation.

The plan is to hold two Tournaments in 2023, one in May and a second in August. The event will be at the Aberdeen Boat Club middle Island BBQ area. Any boat owners who can enter their boats, get in touch with us as soon as possible

Anyone who would like to assist, please get in touch with us.

To all of you who were able to fish, it’s been a pleasure having you onboard. For those unable to join us, we hope we can accommodate you next season.