2021 Fishing Season

With the arrival of the North East Winter monsoon winds, the 2021 season is now closed.
We will start to take bookings in January 2022. As people finally realise what Hong Kong has to offer this year, we expect demand to be high next year, so book early.
Thanks to all who could join us out fishing, and apologies to those we could not get on board.
We lost May and June with the delays in the works on the boat but made up for it in July to September. We had an unprecedented 6 Billfish raised, three Marlin and three Sailfish, which gave many their first sight of these magnificent creatures.
We caught many Tuna, Bluefin, Kawa Kawa, Yellowfin, and Skipjack. Some excellent Wahoo arrived in July, slightly earlier than in previous years.
The Mahi Mahi were small but in large numbers when we started; however, we saw some large ones later.
The new engines have made life onboard considerably better. Gone are the clouds of smoke. The noise level is down to where even I can hear what’s said….most of the time. Kidusi has done over 300 hours since July and, apart from the one issue with the solenoid on the port gearbox, has performed better than we initially expected. We are now waiting for the new propellers to arrive, which should see another increase in performance. Kidusi has had a total of 2.5 tons of weight removed.
I think most will agree the new pick up point has made life a lot easier, and we will continue to use it next season.



we will be reintroducing Tailchasers Membership for the 2022 season. Several days each month will be set aside for Members only, however should we not get the numbers we will open the day to Individuals to join.The aim is to keep the number on each day small and exclusive.

A word of caution 

Big game fishing is a dangerous sport. 

With sharp hooks, gaffs and fish thrashing around the deck, accidents do happen and if you have come on board and treat it like a party junk trip with too much alcohol, you are putting yourself and others at risk. Should it become clear that this is case we will return to port and off load all on board. 

Iligal substance will not be tolerated!


Fishing Tournaments are planned for 2022. 

We are looking to have two tournaments next season: one in May and one in early August 

We are investigating suitable venues to hold the weighin and prize giving. Anyone willing to give their time please contacts us. 

Hope to get the dates out before the end of the year.

And finally

We have maintained our prices for over 4 years 

There will be an increase next year and full details will be published shortly in the revamped FAQ.