July 2021

July 2021

With the weather having been so lovely , although hot, Kidusi has beet out now seven times.

Seas have been slight with hardly any wind making for ideal fishing conditions.  We have seen lots of flying fish, and in one case, being chased by Mahi Mahi. So far, we have picked up Yellowfin, Bluefin, Skipjack and Kawa Kawa Tuna, some wahoo and lots of Mahi-Mahi which have been on the smaller size. 

We have also had two Black Marlin strikes, one which took a lure from the outrigger, and after several jumps, it took off and threw the hook after a short run. The second hit the centre rigger on a 13” lure, making a large splash. It hit it so hard the stinger line shot back and landed in the bridge! And like a train just kept going stripping the line down to the backing before parting , and the fish was gone. It is no surprise that the Marlin are around, given the amount of fish we’ve seen.

The new engines are well bedded in, reduced noise and smoke,  making the boating experience much more pleasant. 

Our apologies to those who missed the dates in May and June. We are looking at rescheduling  dates in later August, September.

We have had a few issues with the website which now should be resolved.

We will shortly be adding the booking  online

Preparing the sushi

Wasabi and soya sauce at the ready.


Due to high demand, we have to ask for the deposit to be paid as soon as a date is agreed. This will guarantee the booking. Please fill and return the booking form as soon as possible.