Fishing the first weekend

Finally, we have been able to get out and fish! On Wednesday last week, we did a long sea trial of three and a half hours, where the boat ran well, no significant issues arose On Saturday 3rd July, just after 0730am, Kidusi left the marina and headed south. Although it was windy, seas being choppy, it was forecast to settle gradually. We crossed three colour changes on the way out before it was good enough to fish, and the lines went out. Fist fish of the day was a small Mahi Mahi which was released. Many flying fish were around, and although not on the surface feeding, we caught Tuna, Skipjack, BlueFin, and even a yellowfin. No Kawa Kawa. Several Mahi Mahi in the smaller range were released. Kidusi returned to Aberdeen just after 5 pm Sunday the 4th As the winds continued to drop overnight, the forecast was for slight seas and light winds. The sea colours had blended and were not quite as distinct as the day before. Lines were soon out, quickly followed by the first strike was a small Kawa Kawa. We saw several schools on the surface feeding. While moving near a school, a Marlin came up and took two go’s at the starboard outrigger lure before hooking up and making a long run and throwing the hook. It was a small Black Marlin With a lull over lunchtime, the action was consistent and fishing around a cargo ship in the last hours. We had several strikes, finally landing the first Wahoo of the season. Two great days to be finally on the water.
Hook up
Fish Dinner