Tight Line Newsletter

Things seem to be moving at a snail’s pace.

Although the engines are in and most of the systems are connected, it’s the electrics that are holding things up. there are over50 connections to be made and it is taking time.

We now told they expect to have the connections made and engines run by the end of next week. After that the boat will then go to the shipyard for 6 days, followed by the sea trials. All of this now means the original dates are now sliding into the second week of May.

If you have any trips penciled in please get in touch if you have not already heard from us.

Euthynnus affinis, the mackerel tuna, little tuna, kawakawa, or tongkol is a species of ray-finned bony fish in the family Scombridae, or mackerel family. It belongs to the tribe Thunnini, better known as the tunas. This is an Indo-Pacific species which is found from the Red Sea to French Polynesia

I was fortunate enough to be invited to join a fishing trip to explore the off shore waters.  Being a beautiful day, light winds, sunny and calm seas. The blue water was very close to the Limas and we soon had our first strike, Kawa Kawa Tuna is able to handle cooler waters then some of the other Tuna and we were to see quite a few of them.  In amongst the Kawa were some Bluefin tuna which we were able to land a few of them. Water temp around the Limas is still on the cool side, moving further south, It was not long before flying fish were seen and we caught the first of two Mahi Mahi.

At one point we were caught up in a long rope connected to a net marker. Shutting down and raising the engines, its an outboard, it was quickly removed but we took advantage of the break and cooled off with a swim.

Total caught and released was 25.