Tournament results

The Aberdeen Boat Club Tournament was held on the 26th May with four boats and over 25 anglers taking part.

Strong winds and rain over night brought a choppy start with the boats going over 40 miles to find the blue water.

A variety of fish were caught mainly Mahi Mahi but included Rainbow Runner, Tuna and a Barracuda.

Boat entered


The results :

Champion Team…..Mandarin Sport Fishing Club
Champion Fish ……Eric Sampson Cougar
Champion Boat…..Kidusi

Over 40 people attended the BBQ and awards

Many thanks to those who took the time to respond and attend the BBQ

Rematch will be in August. Date to be confirmed


May managed to break a number of  temperature weather records. Changes are on the way and as  we enter June, the first Typoon, is about to build . It’s expected to pass between Hong Kong and Hainan Island, strong winds and rain bringing a temporary  end to the fishing for next week,  Kidusi has gone to the slipway to fit replacement rope cutters and to investigate the persistent leak she’s had for sometime. She will be ready once the weather settles.


Planning a trip to do some trolling around the rigs. Depart at 2200, arrive before dawn and start to fish. Stay in the area till around midday before heading North. High speed back from 30 miles out to be back between 1700-1800

Cost around $3500/ angler min four to max six.

Let me know if you are interested

Tight Lines

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